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On Blatchington Beach Rodney Castleden

On Blatchington Beach

Rodney Castleden

Published March 16th 2013
ISBN : 9781291335927
250 pages
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 About the Book 

The biography of part of the Sussex coast is told for the first time: the central stretch of Seaford Bay. The coastline of East Blatchington parish is less than a thousand yards long, but it has had a surprisingly rich and dramatic history. In 1545 it was the focus of a startling attack by a huge French fleet. In 1809 it was at the centre of the Seven Ships disaster. Exploring the history of Blatchington beach uncovers the stories of many different people: fishermen, smugglers, wreckers, coastguards, soldiers and sailors, drunkards and heroes, murderers and their victims. The biographies of several little-known figures are revealed, some of whom performed remarkable acts of bravery, saving the lives of strangers in the sea.